Zicon System

rg+p Partners With Zicon To Fast Track A Radical New Housebuilding System

Multi-disciplinary design practice, rg+p Ltd has joined a panel of development partners to help fast track a new building product, the Zicon system, that could revolutionise traditional housebuilding.


The Zicon system is a lightweight single block and innovative construction system that enables fast construction with minimal environmental impact. Developed by entrepreneur and Zicon Group CEO, Ramon Gray, it has been extensively modelled and concept tested with exceptional results. rg+p is one of ten panellists Zicon has curated to drive the system into mainstream production.


“Whilst I’ve been fortunate enough to work all over the world, this has caused me to witness first-hand the state of the housing crisis caused by unrealistic targets, under-resourcing and poor recovery from natural or manmade disasters,” explains Ramon. “I took action and started developing Zicon as a system for the masses. It can be built by ordinary people, with no specialist skills, to meet the needs of all markets, from disaster relief shelters to UK mass market affordable, self-build and luxury housing.”


In R&D since 2018, the Zicon system now has full UK and Saudi Arabian patents, and others in the pipeline. Key benefits include:


  • Rapid build (estimated 3 to 4 times faster) by unskilled workers to an accuracy of 1mm - enables an end-to-end digital process, exact sizing allows all fittings to be factory made.
  • CO2 reduced by over 90% - Blocks are made using very high strength, cement-free concrete
  • Excellent insulation - A full wall tested U value of 0.13W/m2k – achieving Passivhaus standard
  • Very low local environmental impact with waste cut to less than 5% - as compared with current industry waste levels of approx. 35%
  • Reuse of 95% of build components – system can be easily disassembled, and the materials reused to rebuild as necessary
  • Superior strength yet lightweight - Blocks are tested to 100 tonnes each in compression. The full wall weight is 90kg/m2, which is three times stronger but only a third of the weight of a traditional wall.
  • At least 20% cheaper


rg+p has had a longstanding involvement with Zicon but since joining the development panel has focused on the practical application of the technology. Specifically, this has involved using the design principles for a standard house and applying these to achieve the technical resolution of how the block system will be assembled.


The practice’s director, Rob Woolston, comments: “Any innovation in the built environment that accelerates affordable housing, supports humanitarian efforts, promotes reuse, and minimises the sector’s environmental impact should be considered a serious proposition. The Zicon system has the potential to achieve all of this, to pinpoint accuracy, and we’re excited to be part of the team propelling the system forward.”


Zicon’s development panel is now seeking manufacturing partners for national and international delivery at scale.