UK Space Agency chooses Space Park Leicester for regional office

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Space Park Leicester has been chosen to host one of three new regional offices for the UK Space Agency, as part of its national expansion to support the space sector across the UK.

The expansion will see the UK’s executive agency for space activity base staff at the University of Leicester’s £100 million science and innovation park.

Aligned with the government’s Levelling Up strategy, the expansion will enable the Agency to collaborate more closely with the UK’s thriving space sector, while promoting regional skills and job opportunities to deliver increasingly ambitious missions and capabilities.

Within its first two years, Space Park Leicester has already been established as the second largest campus-based cluster with a dedicated space focus in the UK and generated an estimated £89m for the economy in its first year.

Professor Richard Ambrosi, Executive Director of Space Park Leicester, said: “Space scientists at the University of Leicester have a long history of working with the UK Space Agency on numerous space missions and programmes spanning upstream technology development and downstream science.

“University of Leicester expertise has supported missions with UK Space Agency involvement such as the European Space Agency’s Bepi Colombo mission to Mercury, the Rosalind Franklin Mission to

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