143-home residential scheme greenlit despite concerns

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Despite concerns from some residents regarding agricultural land loss, increased traffic, and strain on facilities, Chesterfield council planners have greenlit a residential scheme for 143 new homes in Mastin Moor, Derbyshire.

Called Low Ridding, the development is part of a potentially larger four-phase housing project.

Harron Homes proposal for 143 new homes, parking areas, secondary roads, and landscaping on Worksop Road’s southern end received outline planning permission.

The council’s recent decision approved reserved matters related to housing and access roads, marking the project’s advancement.

This phase marks the start of a possible four-phase development in Mastin Moor, following the council’s permission for up to 650 dwellings, facilities, services, offices, open space, and a community garden extension.

The revised application will feature two-story properties with a mix of

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