£30m new hotel set for approval in Blackpool - as long as messy rooms are not on display

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A £30m new hotel on Blackpool Promenade looks set to win approval - as long as messy bedrooms are not on display.

The Singapore-based Fragrance Group is planning a 143-bedroom hotel on the site of he former St Chad's Hotel, which was demolished in May 2023. Blackpool Council’s planning committee is being recommended to approve the application.

Fears were raised about planned floor-to-ceiling windows that meant messy bedrooms could be on view to people on the Prom.

A council planning report warns: “Floor-to-ceiling windows are very popular in modern buildings, particularly in new hotels and other forms of residential accommodation. However, these allow the internal contents of the hotel rooms, such as unmade beds, to be viewed from the street.

“Based on experience elsewhere in Blackpool, this could

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