MIRA Technology Park breaks ground on next phase of development

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Following a groundbreaking ceremony that marks the start of the next phase for MIRA Technology Park, Plot 9 has officially begun construction, acting as the inaugural building in this stage.

This next phase will add one million square foot of innovation and engineering facilities to the existing 850-acre site, heralding a new era of growth, larger footprints, and enhanced opportunities for existing occupiers to scale up.

Plot 9 is divided into two units, each providing 36,000 square foot of space to deliver a total area of 72,000 square foot. These units have been designed to offer a blend of workshop and office space, surrounded by natural landscaping and parking.

Sir John Peace, Chairman of the Midlands Engine, said: “This milestone not only represents a significant economic opportunity for the region, with over £60m of high-value employment already present, but also signals a crucial next step in the evolution of both MIRA Tech Park and the global industry it supports.

“This development is a testament to the commitment of fostering innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth, and is a key asset for the Midlands and UK’s innovation landscape.”

Tim Nathan, Managing Director for MIRA Tech Park, said: “The commencement of this next phase

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