£1.8bn Viking Link project between Lincolnshire and Denmark launched

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Running from Bicker Fen converter station in Lincolnshire to one in southern Jutland, Denmark, across both land and sea, Viking Link is sharing British and Danish wind power as both countries become hubs of clean energy in Europe, acting as cornerstone nations for the North Sea super grid of the future.

Viking Link is National Grid’s sixth interconnector and the UK’s ninth, and is a vital instrument in delivering low cost, low carbon power to UK consumers – helping both power grids to balance the peaks and troughs that come with the growing amount of wind power needed to tackle climate change.

Since it commenced initial operations in December 2023, Viking Link has transported 1,733 gigawatt hours (GWh) of power between the two countries – a figure that will only increase over time.

With UK renewables volumes only set to increase, by the 2030s the UK is anticipated to become a net exporter of power, making Viking Link and other interconnectors even more valuable. However, the ability to import power when renewable output is low will be even more vital to ensuring consumer demand is met at the most affordable prices possible.

With Viking Link’s launch and the pipeline of interconnector

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