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Over the past six months, local video production company Glowfrog have been collaborating closely with White Knight Appliances to create product videos for each appliance showcased on their website, with the aim being not only to enhance SEO and drive traffic to the site, but also to increase sales conversions.

Mr Bulgacs, the director of White Knight Appliances, observed remarkable results following the implementation of these product videos.

“Having seen a significant uplift in sales after integrating the videos onto our website – indeed selling out of one particular fridge-freezer within just four days – we decided to monitor customer behaviour closely,” he explained.

“What we discovered was that a staggering 83% of all purchases were made by people who had viewed the corresponding product video. Combine this with the fact that sales increased so rapidly and I can only conclude that these product videos have been even more powerful than I’d hoped.”

This revelation underscores the profound impact that video marketing can have on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions. Matt, director at Glowfrog, said: “We are delighted to see such tangible results for our client. This is yet another example of how video marketing can really help businesses to

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