Call for £60K per year flooring installers as industry faces skills shortage

A Leicestershire flooring firm is laying the foundations for better training within the industry due to a major shortage of skilled tradespeople. 

Abacus Flooring Solutions is launching an apprentice training facility at its new plant in Loughborough in an effort to encourage a more diverse mix of candidates into the field. 

The resin flooring specialist is seeking anyone who likes to travel, work hard, and wishes to avoid a desk job – and the eventual rewards can be significant. 

Young flooring installers at Abacus can earn up to £25k per year once qualified, and the more experienced tradespeople could earn a whopping £50-60K 

Nick Megson, managing director of Abacus Flooring Solutions, said: “We’re in serious need of good trades people, and we’re actively looking for new recruits who we can train up – no experience necessary. 

“We’re open to all applicants and would love to have a more diverse team - we’re just looking for candidates with an eagerness to learn. 

"We would love to see more women take up a career in resin flooring too. To date, I have only ever met two female installers and the gender skills gap in our industry is huge." 

Nick said that his firm would be prepared to finance all the training required to help the right candidates reach NVQ Level 5, which is a degree equivalent. 

He said: “We see this as an investment in the future, not only for our staff and the industry as a whole, but in creating more sustainable, forward-thinking commercial spaces.” 

In 2023, Hannah Chinn, Operations Director at Abacus Flooring Solutions, was the first woman ever to win the FeRFA Young Achiever Award (an award presented by the Resin Flooring Association). The win reinforces the opportunity for more women to pursue a career in the industry to help fill the current shortage. 

Tracey Glew, CEO at FeRFA, said: “I’m pleased to see Abacus Flooring Solutions spotlighting the critical issue of diversity in trades, particularly the underrepresentation of women - which is a topic quite close to my heart. 

“The question of why it is challenging to attract more individuals, especially women, into trades, is multifaceted. 

“A significant factor is the pervasive stereotype that manual and technical roles are not suited for women. These stereotypes are not just external but are often also internalised, leading many women to self-select out of considering careers in our field. 

“With a lack of visible role models and mentors for women in trades, it is understandably difficult for women and girls to imagine themselves building credible careers and thriving in our sector. 

“Industry leaders, trade bodies and associations must shine a light on the varied and rewarding careers in our specialist sector, from on-the-tools roles to sales and office careers, making it clear to women, girls, and those from diverse backgrounds that a future in resin flooring is welcoming, achievable and most importantly – rewarding.” 

Abacus Flooring Solutions was launched during lockdown and has since become a multi-award-winning company following the development of Nick’s ground-breaking, 

eco-friendly flooring system called Abaplas. The Abaplas system uses 100 per-cent recycled waste plastic as a bulking material in resin flooring instead of the traditional method of using silica sand. 

Despite the firm’s success, Nick nevertheless warned that the job could be demanding at times. 

“The work can be quite dirty,” he said. “The workers need to wear facemasks, operate plant machinery and there can be a lot of lifting. But you get a lot of free time between jobs in return.” 

He added: “The ideal candidate would be someone who really doesn’t want to be stuck behind a desk, longs for a good work-life balance and who would love the chance to travel around the country. We have clients all over the UK, including some well-known football and cricket grounds.” 

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