Glowfrog supports Derby Museums renovation project

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With thanks to funding awarded by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and The Wolfson Foundation through the DCMS/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund, Pickford’s House will shortly undergo a comprehensive facelift, with each room receiving new interpretation, displays, and more immersive layout exhibits.

These enhancements aim to elevate the visitor experience and offer a fresh perspective on the rich history encapsulated within the walls of this architectural gem.

Among the notable updates, local video production company Glowfrog ( have offered their services pro-bono to create a captivating welcome video for the museum.

This video will provide an engaging overview of the house’s history and cater to disabled visitors who may face accessibility challenges, ensuring an inclusive experience for all.

Laura Phillips, Head of Interpretation and Display at Derby Museums, said: “The meticulous curation of each room at Pickford’s House reflects our commitment to preserving and presenting history in an engaging manner.

“Glowfrog’s offer to create an inclusive experience through the welcome video resonates with our vision of making the museum accessible to all.”

As a gesture of appreciation and recognition, Derby Museums encourages local businesses to explore Glowfrog Video Production’s website at for more information about

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