Aye up, it’s GS on Ai on PR: By Greg Simpson, founder of Press for Attention PR

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Greg Simpson, founder of Press for Attention PR, discusses the use of artificial intelligence in PR.

Aye up, it’s GS on Ai on PR

Now, that’s what I call an initial effort!

Which is nearly as HILARIOUS as the joke prompts I fed into ChatGPT this morning before I began this piece.

I was even half tempted to let the mystery machine write some of this column as I am up against a deadline on a range of content from tequila and tax to insulated conservatory roofing and private investigators (I have a varied client portfolio).

However, the chances of me risking that damage to my brand is tiny.

Not because it would be particularly BAD in terms of how it sounded but because it would be perfectly mundane!

That’s because it would not be ME and if you are a regular reader (hi mum), you would spot it a mile off and all of the equity I have created with a slew of pithy headlines, cheeky turns of phrase and crafty nods to regional dialects would be for the birds (or me ducks).

On the shelf behind my desk is a HUGE jar of Marmite. NB: not a jar of

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