The Access Group acquires engagement automation platform overhauling recruitment

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The Access Group, a Loughborough-based provider of business management software to mid-market organisations in the UK, Ireland, the US and Asia Pacific, has acquired Elay, a multi-channel engagement automation platform.

Through this acquisition, Access Recruitment, a division of The Access Group, will be able to offer its customers a tailored approach to automation that is designed to overhaul recruitment workflows, automating routine tasks so that agencies can effectively build their workforce without needing more desks – putting their internal talent onto higher value-driving activities while letting technology do the more mundane ones.

The Access Group has a track record of acquiring cutting-edge recruitment technology innovations and strategically investing in them to integrate seamlessly within a unified ecosystem.

Acquiring Elay marks the next step in The Access Group’s AI and automation advancements within the recruitment sector, with its CRM automation already integrated with their Vincere CRM product and the chatbot functionality with Volcanic, the recruitment website builder.

Access Recruitment and Elay will offer customers a suite of features – collectively called ‘Access Automate’.

Christian Fleck, Managing Director at Access Recruitment, said: “Bringing Elay on board is an exciting step for Access Recruitment and this acquisition marks a significant milestone in our commitment

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