Car finance fraudster gets six years in prison

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A gang that set up 90 bogus companies in a bid to steal more than £800,000 in a VAT and car finance fraud have been sentenced to more than 10 years.

Derby man Shahid Mohammad led the seven-strong gang in setting up front companies to facilitate the fraud which included a fake recruitment firm to steal identities. He has been jailed for six years and his co-defendants have been handed suspended prison sentences.

A joint investigation by HMRC, Derbyshire Police and West Midlands Police revealed the gang used 91 different stolen identities to submit claims between January 2015 and November 2016, pocketing £390,980.

The gang also used these fake firms to submit fraudulent VAT repayments totalling £80,716.

Ringleader Shahid Mohammad, 31, and five other men; Zahid Mohammad, 30, Mohammed Maroof, 28, Adnan Sharif, 43, Mohsan Hussain, 25, and Usman Sharif, 41, were convicted after a trial at Birmingham Crown Court which ended in March 2024.

Mark Robinson, Operational Lead at the HMRC Fraud Investigation Service, said: “Shahid Mohammad and his criminal gang caused utter misery for dozens of innocent people whose stolen details were used in this fraud.

“A huge amount of effort and planning went into committing these offences, which

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