NTU invests £1.3m in ‘Mandalorian’ film technology

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Hollywood tech seen in Disney’s The Mandalorian will be available for filmmakers to use in Nottingham thanks to major investment in the digital arts by Nottingham Trent University (NTU).

As part of the forthcoming Design & Digital Arts (D&DA) building, professional filmmakers and NTU students alike will access one of the most advanced Virtual Production suites in the UK.

The technology – which wowed millions around the world in the epic Star Wars spinoff – is being delivered in collaboration with audiovisual technology specialists Creative Technology and ARRI Solutions.

The £1.3 million investment by NTU will allow artists, such as actors, to perform in front of a huge LED screen which can virtually transport the audience to anywhere in the world, or beyond, in an instant.

Standing at 30ft wide by 13ft tall, the display features almost 10 million pixels, making 2D and 3D moving images and special effects appear lifelike, both in-person and on-camera.

The suite includes high-quality sound and camera systems used by professionals around the world, and a lighting system specially designed to ensure that fine details, such as skin tones and colour reproduction, appear authentic in the LED environment.

Included in the collaboration is a greenscreen studio

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