University joins £3m campaign to drive midlands economic growth

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The University of Lincoln, UK, has joined a groundbreaking coalition of 17 universities, in support of a £3m international campaign which has been launched this week to drive economic growth in the Midlands.

Each year, the University contributes more than £400 million to the local economy and has forged sustainable, long-term relationships with a diverse range of organisations. These global connections will be leveraged to attract inward investment into R&D, innovation and science. This important work supports the University’s ambitions laid out in its Strategic Plan 2022-27 – of being a university which contributes significantly to the success of the region and beyond.

The campaign is led by Midlands Innovation and the Midlands Engine Partnership and hosted at Loughborough University, the Invest in UK University R&D – Midlands Campaign has been developed with a range of regional partners including the West Midlands Growth Company, Midlands Enterprise Universities and the East Midlands Freeport. It was launched at the UK Real Estate, Infrastructure and Investment Forum (UKREIIF), attended by nearly 13,000 investors, delegates and developers.

The university consortium will showcase five sectors in which the Midlands is world-renowned for the strength of its research and innovation. International alumni, industry and university connections in

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