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Freddo Friday as UK's cheapest doughnut goes on sale for just 10p

Nottingham bakery Doughnotts is leapfrogging the competition by launching a 10p doughnut based on the ever-popular Freddo chocolate bar.  

The firm is launching its one-off ‘now or never’ sale in homage to the days when you could purchase a Freddo for just 10p.  

The last time the classic bar cost this little was in 2005 – when the average cost of an 800g loaf of white bread was 69p, Hurricane Katrina had struck the US and Tony Blair was Prime Minister.   

Doughnotts is celebrating the froggie-inspired chocolate treat by offering its mouth-watering Freddo Friday doughnut for just 10p on Friday, May 31st  

And Freddo fans, who can now pay up to 49p for the chocolate bar alone, will be hopping mad if they miss the price-busting offer.  

Lauren Quick, marketing manager for Doughnotts, said: “Freddo is an absolute favourite among chocolate lovers but there’s always such a furore over its rising cost. The price has multiplied massively since being relaunched by Cadbury’s in the 1990s, and people taking to social media are outraged.”  

Freddo, which originally launched in 1930, remained at 10p until 2005, rising to 25p in 2016 and 30p a year later. Its registered retail price is now 49p. As a result of these price hikes, Freddo bars have often been informally used in the UK to measure the cost of living and inflation rates.  

Lauren said: “We wanted to give our customers a bit of nostalgia, especially as Cadbury’s celebrates its 200th anniversary this year. So, in a nod to the treat, we have given Freddo an amazing doughnut ‘lily pad’ to sit upon. Who knew you could improve on this classic treat?  It will be our cheapest doughnut ever.” 

Freddo fans will be treated to a classic Doughnotts doughnut with chocolate frosting, smothered in chocolate cake crumb and topped with the iconic chocolate bar. A chocoholics dream that weighs in at a tad over 650 calories.   

Lauren said: “It is a fantastic bargain and that’s why we’ve limited the Freddo Friday 10p doughnut to one per customer. But there will be plenty to go around. We recognise how tough the cost-of-living crisis has been for many people, so we think they will enjoy a bit of ‘price nostalgia’, even if it is for only one day.”   

Speciality doughnuts at Doughnotts, such as the ever-popular Biscoff and the Red Velvet doughnut, usually sell for between £2.95 and £3.95.   

Lauren added: “Our team of talented bakers has been working flat out to perfect these hand-finished Freddo-based treats, which will certainly make our customers jump for joy.”  

Doughnotts, which sells on average over 15,000 doughnuts every week, has created the ‘one day only - get it now or never’ offer to be rolled out across its eight East and West Midlands stores. These include stores in Nottingham, Derby, South Normanton, Lincoln and Cannock. Doughnotts also offers a nationwide online doughnut delivery service.  

Founded in 2015 by co-directors Wade Smith and Megan Scaddan, the firm has gone from strength to strength, becoming renowned for making speciality treats, often with a surprising twist. Other popular doughnuts from the firm include Weekend Billionaire, Intergalactic, Nutella Custard, and vegan selections such as Eton Mess, Apple Pie, and Cherry Bakewell.    

The innovative bakery is constantly evolving. Earlier this year, the firm launched a collaboration with street food vendor Working Man’s Kitchen to create the Nottsville Hot - a spicy fried chicken burger in a sweet-glazed doughnut bun that was sold at Nottingham Forest’s home games. The two firms have also combined to create a doughnut pizza.  

Freddo Doughnuts will have limited availability, so make sure you are early calling in for your old-school Freddo Friday 10p treat.  


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