Freeport initiative aims to link East Midlands to the coast through ‘green’ corridor

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Freeport East and East Midlands Freeport are forging a new partnership to support a green freight corridor that will help decarbonise transport and drive enhanced skills and employment initiatives along the length of one of the UK’s most important transportation routes.

Building on the opportunities created by the Government’s recently published Freeports Delivery Roadmap, the initiative will support the decarbonisation of transport flows between the two Freeport locations. By working together, the Freeports will accelerate the technologies, business models, innovation and infrastructure needed to drive decarbonisation by utilising green hydrogen, electric charging systems and novel technology applications, such as digital twins.

Green Corridors are already an established part of the maritime decarbonisation sector. Delivering a green corridor initiative between the UK’s largest container port and the heart of the Midlands logistics Golden Triangle offers the opportunity to combine maritime and land transport decarbonisation initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of goods entering and leaving the UK.

Every day more than 5,000 trucks and freight trains leave the ports in the Freeport East area, with most heading towards the Midlands and onwards to other part of the UK. East Midlands Freeport, which is centred on the Golden Triangle for logistics, road, rail

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