Johnsons Aggregates & Recycling targets net zero with six-figure investment

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BGF-backed Johnsons Aggregates has made a major six-figure investment in new technology and equipment as it accelerates its carbon reduction strategy.

The business recycles incinerator bottom ash (IBA), reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Metals are extracted from the IBA, turning the residue into a quality aggregate suitable for the construction industry, thereby avoiding any material going to landfill and prolonging the life of finite resources in the country.

Johnsons currently handles more than 700,000tonnes per annum of waste and quarried material, projected to rise to 1,000,000tonnes in the next 24 months.

It is committed to an ambitious carbon reduction program as part of its ESG strategy, reducing its carbon output by 33 per cent to date since 2020.

It has invested £750,000 on the installation of the latest technology PV panels across the two largest of its three processing sites, generating circa 700kwh of annual energy generation. The investment will save more than 200 ton of carbon emissions each year, with periods of self-sufficiency.

2024 will also see further exploration with bio fuels & electric vehicles on the road, as well as electric shovels and kit on sites, plus the introduction of hydrogen fueled vehicles, two of which

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