Seven million people have used GenAI for work

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Over 18 million people in the UK have now used Generative AI (GenAI), according to new findings from Deloitte’s 2024 Digital Consumer Trends research, based on a survey of 4,150 UK adults aged 16-75.

In the UK, three in five (60%) people are now aware of GenAI and over a third (36%) have used a GenAI tool, an increase of 26% (13 million people) from May 2023. However, notable gender and age gaps were apparent in the findings with 43% of men having used GenAI, compared to just 28% of women. The technology is also primarily used by younger groups, with 62% of people aged 16-34 having actively used it, compared to only 14% of 55-75 year olds.

GenAI in the workplace

One in seven people (14%) have used GenAI for work, equating to around seven million people, increasing from four million a year ago. Of those using GenAI for work, three in four (74%) claim a productivity boost of either ‘a fair amount’ or ‘a great deal’. However, just 27% of those in work claim that their employer encourages the use of GenAI, suggesting that the majority may be doing so without their employer’s official endorsement.

Among those who have

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