Digital Posters: How Can They Help Your Marketing Efforts?

We now live in a digital world, and so everything is rapidly moving in this direction. These days, even posters are now becoming digital, and they are proving to be a very effective marketing tool.

They provide an innovative and eye-catching way to engage with customers that can make them much more effective than their traditional predecessors.

To delve in further, The New Fat, design agency in Nottingham discuss what a digital poster is and why it can be a successful asset in the world of marketing.

What is a digital poster?

In the past, businesses would design posters to promote their services, and then have them printed and displayed in different locations. However, these could quickly become outdated or fall victim to the weather, meaning that they often had a very short shelf-life.

Digital posters have transformed all of this by using high resolution digital display screens as a way to display these designs.

They are usually connected to a media player which can store and play the visual content that has been uploaded.

This means that the artwork being used can take on a life of its own, allowing it to include all kinds of dynamic graphics, animations, videos and sometimes even sound to help catch the eye of anyone who might be walking past in a much more effective way.

They can also display static artwork which stays in one place or rotates with other posters and can be useful as menu boards and can convey greater amounts of information.

Benefits of digital posters

One of the main benefits of a digital poster in the world of marketing is its versatility. Its use of different types of media mean that the only limitations are your imagination. There are a wide variety of tools that can be used to help grab attention and develop engagement to help make any marketing effort more successful.

As digital posters are usually connected to the internet, they can be changed in real time. That means you can update a price, change the information, or simply display a completely different poster almost immediately. It can give you the opportunity to react to market changes more effectively or the situation of the business to help give it an instant boost or change of focus.

When posters had to be printed and displayed, there could be a wide number of costs involved. Not only was printing costly, but they would also need to be replaced regularly.

With digital posters, many of the costs can be reduced. Whilst there will be an initial outlay in getting set up, digital posters do away with the need for printing and allow for new artwork to be uploaded remotely much more frequently, making them more cost-effective over the long term.

Digital posters do not just help businesses to create more appealing visual marketing, they also have interactive features. With the use of touchscreen technology, many digital posters provide a way for their audience to interact with them, allowing them to access more information, scan QR codes or even input their details to help generate new leads that can be actively followed up.

Digital posters are effective because of the way that the human brain works. We can process visual content 60,000 times faster than text, which might account for the reason that digital posters can capture 400% more views than its traditional counterparts, making it more attractive and more memorable to your customers.

Digital posters are now providing innovative marketing solutions that are suitable for almost any business. They allow freedom, creativity and flexibility that can help to make any marketing strategy a more effective one.