Awards – banging my head against a “BRICKS” wall: by Greg Simpson, founder of Press for Attention PR

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Greg Simpson, founder of Press for Attention PR, delves into the role of awards in marketing strategies.

Caution, the following information may dramatically improve your chances of winning an award but only if you use it.

The reason I say this is because I absolutely KNOW that awards are on umpteen marketing new year’s resolutions lists but all too often, come the mid-point of the year (now), nothing has been done! Why is this? Awards are one of the least used tactics in marketing and PR and I find this really interesting.

Seriously, who doesn’t fancy some industry recognition? Local, regional or even national profile? What about a motivated workforce that is proud to be a part of your success? Nevermind the major leverage an award win can give to the rest of your marketing – if you harness the dark arts of PR!

So why don’t more people enter awards? I suspect the main reason is time. However, you need to consider these as a major part of your marketing and PR campaign, not an afterthought. Sure, there is a bit of science to it and some art (the creative bit) but basically it comes down to reading the criteria CAREFULLY and

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