Net zero firm devises way to save NHS millions in energy bills

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A company that helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs has become the first to design a method of harnessing waste heat from MRI machines.

Viridis Building Services devised the ground-breaking innovation as part of its work to deliver the UK’s first fully net zero Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC), in Scunthorpe town centre.

Not scheduled for completion until this autumn, the £19.4m Scunthorpe CDC new-build project is already on target to achieve net zero status, having been passed as such by Building Regulations and construction-stage EPC ratings.

Viridis was tasked to achieve as close as possible to net zero with the scheme but is confident that it will surpass expectations and create a building that will even be able to feed excess energy back into the National Grid.

The firm, based in Collingham, near Newark, has introduced a combination of natural and mechanical heating and ventilation, roof-mounted PV tiles and optimal lighting systems.

But as part of its problem-solving process, it has also pioneered a method for capturing the enormous amounts of rejected heat from the centre’s two MRI machines and feeding that energy back into the 2,000 sq. metre building.

This innovation alone could save the NHS millions

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