What might businesses want from the next government? By James Pinchbeck, partner at Streets Chartered Accountants

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James Pinchbeck, partner at Streets Chartered Accountants, provides food for thought ahead of the general election.

The wait is over and we now have a date for a general election, the 4th July. Whilst many will have been pressing for and wanting an election, how many of us have considered why or what we really want from the next government? Whilst individuals will no doubt have their own thoughts and asks, these invariably will be unique to them. When it comes to businesses there is probably a more collective thought or ask.

Perhaps this might start with a government that provides greater stability, a sense of direction and vision for the future, one that has empathy for people and businesses alike, with the need for disruption and doing things differently being at the heart of addressing the challenges we face. That is opposed to internal politics and disruption we have seen over the term of this parliament, with infighting and a focus on themselves rather than the people they serve. There also feels like a need to demonstrate more in terms of good governance and embracing the Nolan principles of public life, which are around selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty

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