left to right James Payne and Carol Ell - Copy

BSP Consulting appoints two new associate directors

East Midlands civil and structural engineering firm BSP Consulting has made internal promotions to create two new associate directors.

Civil engineer Carol Ell, who has a leadership role in BSP’s Leicester office, has been with the company 20 years next month.

Finance manager James Payne, who is based in the Nottingham office, working across the company, joined BSP from school in August 2001 and has held a variety of roles within the business.

BSP MD Carl Hilton said: “Both Carol and James have proven themselves to be very committed to BSP Consulting, with almost 43 years of service between them. They bring an energy and enthusiasm to the company which very much contributes to our success.

“I am pleased to announce that they have both earned a well-deserved promotion to associate director and congratulate them on their new appointments.”

BSP Consulting, with its head office in Oxford Street, Nottingham, and branches in Pride Point Drive, Derby, and De Montfort Street, Leicester, was founded 25 years ago and has grown to become one of the largest independent civil and structural engineering companies in the East Midlands.

An award-winning firm that operates across the UK, BSP offers civil engineering, structural engineering, transport engineering, geotechnical and environmental engineering. The company works across all sectors including housing, student accommodation, commercial, industrial, health, education, senior living, retail and heritage.

For more information about BSP Consulting visit www.bsp-consulting.co.uk