Nottinghamshire concrete experts call for improved industry wellbeing in new white paper

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ConSpare, has published its second industry white paper, addressing how operators in the concrete production industry can boost employee wellbeing through improvements made to the batch plant.

The white paper, titled “The right mix: Addressing the “S” of ESG for concrete batch plants – putting people at the centre of investment decision-making”, uses qualitative data from plant supervisors and managers to demonstrate the importance of eliminating hazards and reducing the amount of repetitive, unpleasant and unproductive tasks around the plant, and the benefits that this can bring to the industry as a whole.

With commentary from sustainability expert Dr Miles Watkins and ConSpare’s CEO James Bullock, the report illustrates the impact that a people-first approach can have on both the physical and mental health of workers, in terms of improving work-life balance, job satisfaction and overall happiness.

James Bullock said: “The concrete industry has made significant progress over the past decade in ensuring its approach to environmental, social and governance is robust, but as well as tackling sustainability challenges such as carbon reduction, it’s important that we address the people at the heart of the concrete plants themselves.

“Developing an understanding of the positive impact that batch plant performance can have

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