Streets Chartered Accountants covers election concerns, trivial benefits and more in new news roundup

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Streets Chartered Accountants covers election concerns, trivial benefits, and more in its latest monthly news roundup.

What might businesses want from the next government?

The wait is over and we now have a date for a general election, the 4th July. Whilst many will have been pressing for and wanting an election, how many of us have considered why or what we really want from the next government? Whilst individuals will no doubt have their own thoughts and asks, these invariably will be unique to them. When it comes to businesses there is probably a more collective thought or ask. Read More

Employment, workforce and skills election special

This special episode of The Streets Sessions, with guests Anita Wynne, CEO of Beststart Human Resources, and Taj Rahil, Partner and employment law specialist with leading law practice Fladgate LLP, focuses on the election and what the main party manifestos have in store for employers and employees, as well as addressing workforce skills shortages and managing migration. Listen Now

Small perks, big impact: keeping your team happy

In today’s competitive business landscape, finding and retaining great staff can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But did you know that something as

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