Warning over tarmac scam as Nottinghamshire businesses targeted

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Police are encouraging businesses to be wary of a scam in which “leftover” tarmac is offered to them for free.

A number of Nottinghamshire businesses – including farmers – have been approached by scammers who say they work for a construction company and are conducting road works in the local area.

The scammers have then offered the businesses leftover tarmac for driveways and potholes, claiming it is free.

Some business owners accepted the offer but were left shocked when they later received a phone call billing them for the work. When they refused to pay, they were threatened with violence.

PC Kelly Carlile, of Nottinghamshire Police, said the majority of the reports had been from the Rushcliffe area but urged all businesses to be vigilant. She said: “We’ve had a number of reports in recent weeks. In one case, the business owner felt so threatened they paid £9,500 before reporting the matter to the police.

“Elsewhere, the owner of a car dealership also said he’d accepted the offer of free tarmac and was later billed £10,000. When he refused to pay, a male caller threatened to burn his business down.

“In another reported incident, a family-run farm accepted the offer of

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