Local business leaders react as Labour wins UK general election

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Labour has won the general election in a landslide, with Keir Starmer set to become the new Prime Minister. Following the news, local business leaders have reacted.

East Midlands Chamber Chief Executive Scott Knowles said: “Business wants the best outcomes that will remove barriers to economic growth in the East Midlands and we look forward to hearing the new Government’s plans as soon as possible.

Scott Knowles

“Government’s purpose is to create an economic environment that allows businesses to invest, to create and sustain jobs – and then to get out of the way to allow business to thrive. That’s what the business community needs for growth in the East Midlands and we stand ready to advise and hold the new government to account at both national and regional level to ensure that enacting the needs of our region’s businesses is top of the list.

“Business currency is confidence – confidence means growth, investment into people, plant and machinery and digital transformation. Our Manifesto for Growth sets out what businesses in the East Midlands need across the areas of Investment, Innovation, International Trade and Infrastructure. We’ve presented it to Westminster; it’s ready for the new government to get on with and

 link source - East Midlands Business Link General https://www.eastmidlandsbusinesslink.co.uk/mag/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/thumbnail_Scott-Knowles-350x233.jpg

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