Developer hunts for Midlands brownfield sites to build 1,000 homes a year

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Wavensmere Homes, based in Birmingham, is looking for brownfield sites over three acres in Midlands city centres and towns.

With 3,500 plots in the works, the firm aims to build 1,000 homes per year to double its turnover to around £250m.

Founded in 2015, Wavensmere delivered 522 homes in 2023 and is expected to reach £115m in turnover in 2024. Construction on five new developments, worth nearly £350m, is set to begin this year.

James Dickens, managing director of Wavensmere Homes, said: “The area we have intrinsic knowledge of is the East and West Midlands. It’s where our executive and management team live, where the majority of our core supply chain partners are based, and where we have an existing

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