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Award-winning HR consultants announce partnership with IT provider True MSP

HR firm Breedon Consulting has announced a formal partnership with strategic IT support company, True MSP to offer a full scope of HR, learning and development, and IT services.

Offering a no-nonsense experience, the joint venture will combine Breedon Consulting and True MSP’s services to provide a fully comprehensive offering with a straightforward approach.

The partnership comes after years of friendship between Breedon Consulting managing director Nicki Robson and True MSP co-founders, Tim Rookes and Neil Shaw.

Breedon will be providing its full scope of HR services, which include; strategic services, operational services and HR software systems. On the learning and development side, Breedon specialises in profiling, individual development, management development, employee engagement and performance frameworks.

Services from True MSP will include; managed IT support, Cloud Services, back up & disaster recovery, network security and IT procurement.

Each company will be introducing the combined services to new and existing clients, to propose delivering joint projects.

Those that sign up to new joint services will not only gain access to HR, and learning and development experts for the retention, performance management and development of staff - they will also have access to IT specialists to ensure fast, strategic IT support with customer service at the forefront.

As an introductory offer, existing clients of both Breedon Consulting and True MSP will be offered free of charge audits - Breedon Consulting will be offering an employee engagement survey as part of business audits as they return to the workplace, and True MSP will be offering security and remote working audits to support companies with staying secure while moving to more flexible methods of working.

True MSP puts its success down to moving away from the standard first to third line support - instead operating a business model where the client is put through to the right person upon first contact, to ensure a faster resolution for clients.

On the partnership, Nicki Robson, MD of Breedon Consulting, said: “We are so pleased to be partnering with True MSP - both Tim and Neil are unusual in the world of IT service providers in that they speak in plain English and provide a fantastic service, so for them to have a similar approach to clients as Breedon do made this the perfect match.”

Tim Rookes, co-founder of True MSP, said: “True MSP is thrilled to be working in partnership with Breedon Consulting to deliver a combined service of HR and IT support. Neil and I have been friends of the business for many years, and we look forward to providing straight forward solutions across both client bases.”

Neil Shaw, co-founder of True MSP, said: “It’s great to be working with Breedon Consulting on this joint venture. We are very excited about this partnership as we often get asked by our clients if we can help them with IT governance and usage policies.  This collaboration will help to strengthen our offering as we can now refer these queries to Nicki and her excellent team at Breedon Consulting.”

The partners also have plans in the pipeline to host joint training events and webinars in the near future.

For more information about combined services, please contact Nicki Robson at nicki.robson@breedonconsulting.co.uk and Tim Rookes at tim@truemsp.co.uk.