Leicester brand agency launches My Mouth to the healthcare market

A Leicester brand agency has helped a brand-new oral healthcare provider and distributors of dental products to launch in the UK with its one-of-a-kind tongue cleaner.

And with studies suggesting that a third of people are now more aware of the colour of their teeth - a likely result of people analysing their appearance on video calls via remote working – the company, My Mouth identified a gap in the market for tongue cleaning.

Assisting the team of leading professionals experienced in dentistry, pharmacy and marketing together with a specialist periodontist, Midland’s brand agency Champions (UK) plc have brought their dental expertise and uniquely positioned health advice to market.

Notably, research conducted by Oral Health Foundation found that 53% of millennials have invested in cosmetic dental treatments such as whitening and veneers, proving there are confidence concerns for many consumers regarding mouth health.

Specialist periodontist Dr Viren Vithlani and one of the founders of My Mouth said: “We noticed that younger generations in particular were spending more on cosmetics, suggesting that many of this age group were concerned with things such as teeth discolouration and visual aesthetics.

Emerging from Ayurvedic philosophy, the founders of My Mouth see the tongue as the window to the state of the body and are firm believers in tongue cleaning as a huge part of people’s daily cleaning routines.

“We founded the company because we truly believe that consumers were missing a key step within their morning healthcare routine that could seriously reduce the yellowing and discolouration of teeth and improve their smiles quickly.

“With consumers also having been exposed to wearing masks for over a year’s lockdown, it was also obvious that more were aware of bad breath and dental issues.

Aiming to educate consumers on oral health and its benefits, My Mouth appointed Champions to generate widespread brand awareness across health, medical, cosmetic and lifestyle sectors. This has involved informing consumers that tongue cleaning removes the build-up of bacteria, reduces the risk of gum disease all whilst helping to maintain holistic general health.

Founded by five stakeholders with multiple years of experience in dentistry, pharmacy, marketing and finance, My Mouth is set to become an industry leader.

Champions’ team of specialists worked with My Mouth to design the product and the brand, as well as continuing to support them with social media management, communications and a competitor analysis.

Matthew Hayes, Managing Director of Champions (UK) plc said, “We are thrilled to be working with My Mouth. The business’ values and commitment to educating consumers really resonates with our own ethos and we are determined deliver exceptional results and continue to bring the brand to life.”

With many healthcare settings under pressure and the limitations that come with lockdown, consumers are seeking high-quality products that they are able to purchase over the counter.

Mital Thakrar, co-founder of My Mouth explains, “We are eager to demonstrate the power of oral hygiene when it comes to overall mindfulness and holistic health, too. And working with Champions has allowed us to elevate our brand, promoting the notion of ‘a better mouth, a better life’.”

My Mouth is also keen to support local businesses, and are proud to partner with Leicester Hospitals Charity in support of their current Children’s Hospital Appeal.