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Advantage Utilities welcomes Head of Sustainability Dr James Crosby

Energy and sustainability consultancy Advantage Utilities is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr James Crosby, BSc (Hons) MSc PhD (Cantab), as Head of Sustainability for Commercial and Industrial Energy Supply and Usage.

With a Ph.D in Geochemistry, Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences from the University of Cambridge, Dr Crosby brings his distinguished academic achievements to his new role in which he will pioneer work to enable net-zero solutions for businesses.

With more attention being given to net-zero solutions than ever before, Dr Crosby’s role is of paramount importance to offering compelling, costed business solutions which can prepare a range of business sectors for a green transition. 

Commenting on his promotion, Dr James Crosby said: It’s an honour to be taking up the position of Head of Sustainability at Advantage Utilities Ltd. This growing department has and will continue to prove valuable as we all transition to an environmentally and economically sustainable future.”

Andrew Grover, CEO of Advantage Utilities, also commented - “Dr Crosby has proven to be an excellent addition to our team and I will be working closely with him in future. Advantage Utilities are committed to offering business support to a range of companies who are looking to achieve net-zero.”

Underscoring Advantage Utilities’ commitment to net-zero business solutions, the growing Department of Sustainability will continue to expand to meet the current and future needs of businesses looking to switch to sustainable, green growth. 


Advantage Utilities was founded by Andrew Grover following a career in the energy sector and sales management. Previously co-owner to Abbey Utilities, Andrew established energy and sustainability consultancy Advantage Utilities in 2001.  

With nearly 20 years in the business, they are experts in their field; Advantage Utilities now has over 40 dedicated and highly skilled staff in energy trading, legislation, financing and technology. Leveraging strong industry partnerships, they negotiate the purchase of millions of pounds of energy every year.

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