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Tech companies cutting growth!

A trend started by tech companies in the US to provide hair cutting services in work to tempt flexible workers into the office is spreading rapidly in the UK. 

Onsite haircuts were pioneered by Google and biotechnology company Genentech in the States and now Get Groomed Mobile Barbers in the UK are reporting corporate hair cutting services are the fastest growing part of its business. 

Giuliano Dore, who founded the business in 2019, said: “Tech businesses have always been at the forefront of attracting staff with perks, whether it is healthcare or maternity and paternity packages. The pandemic led to more people working from home, so the latest perks are those aimed at getting people to come into the office. 

“You can’t have a haircut on Zoom or Teams and many people find it difficult to find space in their own time to go to the barbers. We are now taking calls daily from businesses wanting to book a barber to set up and be available for staff.” 

Recent UK businesses that have provided mobile barbering services for staff through Get Groomed include Car Finance 24/7, PitchBook, Oscar Recruit and Pareto FM.  

Said Giuliano Dore: “Everybody benefits from workplace events like these. The employer gives the employee another reason to be in the office and instead of spending Saturday morning at the barber shop staff get greater free time.  

“It is also proving to be a great source of income for barbers, who had a difficult few years when their salons were closed in the pandemic and are still recovering.” 

Get Groomed are offering the service in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Kent but are looking to expand nationwide if there is demand from businesses in a particular area. Details of corporate sessions can be found at