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Colleague Box on song with fans of Eurovision

Bespoke gift company Colleague Box has tuned-in to the buzz of Eurovision by launching a special pack for people to enjoy while the annual song contest airs.

The Derby-based firm has released its fun-packed Eurovision Office Sweepstake gift to celebrate the ever-popular event, which has its televised grand final in Liverpool on May 13.

Primarily designed as a gift for employers to hit the right note with their staff, the box of Eurovision-friendly treats and games is ideal for any group of friends or family to accompany the night’s entertainment.

Contents include an A3 poster for an office sweepstake, with each box containing an individual ticket with the name of one of the 37 participating countries.

Colleague Box has also included a Eurovision quiz and a Eurovision Bingo card, where people can cross off various events as they unfold on TV, such as when ‘Sam Ryder is mentioned’, when a performer ‘winks at the camera’ or when there is a ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

The Eurovision Office Sweepstake box, which can be personalised and branded with a bespoke corporate logo, additionally includes a selection of sweets, chocolates, crisps, popcorn and a choice of alcoholic or soft drink.

Natalie Bamford, CEO and co-founder of Colleague Box, said: “Eurovision has become so much more than a song contest in recent years.

“It’s an amazing, fun and wonderfully camp spectacle that growing numbers of people all across the world simply love to watch every year.

“For many, it rivals Christmas as a time to celebrate friendship, laughter, dressing up and partying.

“So we wanted to help bring everyone together - whether they’re office colleagues, friends or families - and offer them a ready-made party pack for the event.”

Standard Eurovision Office Sweepstake boxes, which cost £24.99, can be ordered for individual or group recipients and will be dispatched by Colleague Box a week prior to the big event.

Held this year in Liverpool due to last year’s Ukrainian winners unable to host in their own war-torn nation, the sold-out event will include a performance from recently announced UK entry Mae Muller. She will have a lot to live up to after Sam Ryder’s stratospheric Space Man reached such heights following his runner-up position in 2022.

Natalie said: “Sam Ryder caught the imagination of so many people last year, creating an even bigger following for the event than ever before. And the warmth of reception for Ukraine transcended politics and really brought people together.

“We want to encourage more of that feelgood factor and bring a bit of joy back into everyone’s lives.”

Anyone who would like to order their Eurovision Office Sweepstake gifts can visit