Distinct Cremations Go Greener pic

Midlands-based Distinct Cremations offers option to go greener

People planning funerals now have a choice to help reduce their environmental impact and protect the planet for future generations thanks to ’Go Greener’ by Midlands-based Distinct Cremations.

The Go Greener option, which can be added to all cremation services and funeral plans from Distinct Cremations includes a coffin made from wood fibre, containing a mix of virgin, recovered and recycled fibre.

It also includes carbon offsetting of the Distinct Cremations service, plus a tree will be planted in remembrance and as a natural way of fighting climate change.

Distinct Cremations, which has its headquarters in Cannock, is a leading provider of direct cremation services and part of Westerleigh Group, one of the UK’s largest independent cemetery and crematoria operators.

A first in the UK, the new Go Greener option will cost just £100 on top of the chosen cremation service or funeral plan.

Where the cost of a plan is paid for with the insurance-backed option, and paid over five or ten years, the costs may vary; for example, a 50-year-old taking out a five-year unattended plan would pay £138.60 to add the Go Greener option, while a 10-year private plan for a 74-year-old would cost £181.20.

Mark Hull, from Distinct Cremations, said: “As a group, we are committed to doing all we can to reduce our environmental impact, with a clear intention to be net-zero across our business by 2032. 

“We are already making great progress towards that with our Distinct Cremations service overall, but this Go Greener offering allows customers to take that extra step and ensure their individual cremation is already having zero net impact on our environment.

“In fact, Distinct Cremations, working with Greenr, have ensured that anyone taking the Go Greener option will actually be making a positive contribution because Greenr have certified the Distinct Cremations Go Greener service as not just carbon neutral, but Carbon Positive, meaning more carbon will be offset than is typically used in a cremation.

“We will also use well-known national charities to facilitate the planting of trees as part of the Go Greener option, which will ensure they are planted in the UK; something that is of great importance to many families whom we are yet to serve.

“The eco coffins are outsourced from LifeArt, a world-leader in environmentally-friendly coffin and casket technology.

“Their patented coffins use up to 80% fewer trees to produce and the fibres are obtained from sustainable forestry operations, forestry or agricultural byproducts or recycled wood fibres.

“Where timber is used, only branches and bark which would otherwise be lost are used.”

Mark added: ““We know that many people are increasingly concerned about the environmental issues, and for that reason, we wanted to provide them with an option which enables them to Go Greener when making funeral arrangements, whether that is now or in the future.

“The Go Greener option is available on our funeral plans but also direct cremation services where the family does not have a plan in place but they’re in an immediate need to arrange a funeral for their loved one.”

For further information, visit www.distinctcremations.co.uk