Secure, Safe, Sensational: Mansfield's Self Storage Facility is a Business Lifesaver!

If you run a business in the Mansfield area, then you probably already know that crime figures are on the rise recently. Unfortunately, small businesses tend to be the biggest victims of crimes such as theft, and this is why many are now looking for ways in which to keep their businesses safe and prevent them from suffering so many costly and devastating losses.

One solution that seems to be a winner for most, is the hiring of a self storage facility, such as the one that can be found at Loxleys Self Storage near to Ransom Wood in Mansfield. This has proved to be a lifesaver for many businesses in the local area looking for a safe and affordable way to keep their goods and equipment secure.

Crime levels in Mansfield

As recent figures from Nottinghamshire Police show, crime levels in Mansfield Town Centre hit new highs in 2023, particularly through the summer. More than a quarter of these were shoplifting offences, with another 10% coming from other forms of theft, robbery and burglary. These crimes show that businesses in Mansfield are the most common victims and the costs involved can be huge, and sometimes unsustainable for many.

With so many of these crimes either remaining unsolved, or the suspects not being brought to prosecution, it means that the onus is now on business owners to make sure that their property is protected as best they can. The installation of CCTV and alarm systems is great, but these are often only useful once a crime has already been committed, and do not protect the stock that you hold, so it is now time to look at prevention methods instead.

Self storage solutions

One of the biggest advantages of self storage solutions is that they offer some terrific levels of safety and security that are often hard to match on your own premises. That can be because they are too costly to install and manage or because there are restrictions in place from your landlord.

Self storage units are all fully kitted out, meaning that all you have to do is sign up and fill your container. With CCTV, electric gate access with a fully managed access system, and free padlock rental, Loxleys have everything in place to keep your business assets safe. There are units suitable for domestic and commercial use, and they are all treated with an anti-condensation product to keep your items clean and dry at all times.

As the site is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can access what you need at a time that suits you, and as it is local, you do not need to worry about a long trek to Nottingham or Chesterfield every time you want something.

This means that you can keep your stock in a unit, ensuring it is safer than when it is kept in back rooms or warehouses, and any expensive equipment can also be kept under lock and key until you need it. If you have large amounts of documentation that contains sensitive information, this can also be a target for many thieves, but you can be sure it will be kept safe in your storage unit.

The security levels that are in place at Loxleys Self Storage ensure that the only person who will get their hands on your goods is you, ensuring that your business does not become another local crime statistic. Their facilities are here to help local Mansfield businesses protect themselves through easily managed, secure and cost-effective methods that offer convenience, safety and easy access at all times.