How your East Midlands business can get the edge over the competition

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According to recent local reports, there’s good news and bad news for new businesses in the East Midlands. The bad is that the total number of new companies starting up in the area has decreased by over 7%, but the positive to this is that the overall number of new firms is still quite strong, despite UK-wide economic uncertainty. 

At the same time, these new companies pose a challenge for any other startups or existing businesses looking to improve their performance, in that there’s more competition out there at a time when consumers don’t have as much disposable income. So looking at ways to give your company the edge over others, has never been more important.

Here are a few ways you can go about this:

Have a strong online presence

You’d be hard-pressed to find a business today that doesn’t have a website and in many ways it’s now an expectation. As such, your firm’s website should reflect the quality of your goods or services. Plus, a strong website can also be an effective means of converting more ecommerce customers, so it’s worth investing in something quality, as it may well pay for itself as more users head to your

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